Sunday, May 7th
Special Communion for Third Graders, followed by Reception; Annual Meeting
Sunday, May 14th
'Tween Time Coffee Hour honoring Pastor Jerrie
Sunday, May 21st
Pastor Lauren arrives


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The Ministry of Stewardship oversees the church budget, the physical maintenance and repair of the church and church-owned properties and relations with community groups using the church property. This ministry is also responsible for the rental of its church properties, including lease agreements, collection of rental income, tax payments, and relations with rentees. The church treasurer meets regularly with ministry members to keep them updated on the budget. The Minstry of Stewardship works with its satellite committee, the Fundraising Committee, on the church's annual stewardship campaign, the main source of church income. Meeting with contractors, ensuring timely inspections of church grounds, and organizing congregation clean-up days and painting projects are a few examples of this minstry's activities.

Fundraising Committee:
Mission Statement

The goals of the Fundraising Committee are to help educate the congregation on faithful stewardship, and help to address the church’s short-term and long-term fiscal needs. This plan will include:

  • Implementing the annual Stewardship Campaign along with representatives from the Ministry of Stewardship, Mission and Witness and the Diaconate
  • To plan a few major fundraisers and some smaller fundraisers over the year to help support budget and mission needs
  • To help in identifying ways to better insure the long-term fiscal health of the church Fundraisers will focus on building a sense of community and Christian spirit, building member relations and reaching out to the larger community.




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