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Ministries & Missions

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Ministries & Missions

The working groups which are called committees or boards in many churches are called ministries in this church to emphasize that the work we do in our meetings and organization is a vital part of the ministry of this church. Emphasizing the work of an empowered laity (in addition to the work of the clergy) has long been a strength of this congregation. Each of the Ministries is also represented on the Deacons.

Manual of Ministries and Missions (PDF)

The active ministries are:

Ministry of Christian Education ~ fostering the nurture and faith journey of all from birth through adulthood

Ministry of Church Life ~ facilitating our church life including ushering, flowers, banners, special services and coordinating welcome activities

Ministry of Stewardship ~ entrusted with the care of our church facilities and finances, from buildings and grounds to budget oversight

Ministry of Mission and Witness ~ through God’s love, reaching out beyond our own needs to help others in this community, in our country and around the world

Ministry of Gifts and Leadership ~ to help members discern their gifts and skills, and to identify people for service on ministries and missions

Some other committees working within the church may be called missions. They are:

Finance Advisory ~ to develop and oversee the church’s endowment funds

Pastor-Parish Relations ~ to enhance communication among church members and the pastor, to provide wise counsel

Personnel ~ conducts annual evaluations for staff, determines compensation policies, coordinating with Stewardship and the Congregation’s annual meeting

Mission of Wellness which is led by our Parish Nurses, encourages and supports people in their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

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