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Pastor's Corner

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Pastor's Corner

From your Temporary Shepherd...

It's Easter, people!

I hope you all read this column, because it's not about money. I've been hitting the finances pretty heavily during the last month, as I'm very excited about - and grateful for - the offer of matching funds, as well as the capital campaign to repair the roof. While I've never shied away from the issue of money, it's uncharacteristic of me to focus on it during this season.

This season is about Jesus - his life, his teachings, and his stories. I don't know about you, but I've enjoyed re-telling some of the stories he told during this Lenten season, and remembering the lessons they have for us. This season is also about Jesus' suffering, sacrifice, and death. It's about how we can walk with him on this journey during these weeks of prepara-tion. And now, as we draw closer to Holy Week, we are faced with the pain of his last days and what it cost for God to show how very much we are loved.

And because we, who are on this end of the story, know how it ends - we look forward with great anticipation to the celebration of the foundation of our faith - the Resurrection!

That's what we're about. In the midst of all our activities and pro-grams and plans and meetings and conversations, we never forget that we are Easter people! Without that, all that we do comes to nothing. During the weeks ahead, let us hold before us the vision of the cruel and terrible cross, the journey up the hill to crucifixion, and the huge stone rolled away to reveal God's greatest miracle - and greatest gift.

But we don't just jump to Easter without walking with Jesus through these days of suffering and pain. I strongly encourage you to join your church family for the Maundy Thursday Communion worship, and/or the Good Friday readings around the Stations of the Cross. (This is a change from previous years.)

If you are not able to do this, here or in another church, make sure you read the passion story from one or more of the Gospels:

Matthew 26:17-27:66, Mark 14:12-15:47, Luke 22:1-23:56, or John 18:1-19:42.

This will help prepare your spirit better for the glorious news that the women and disciples pro-claimed: HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

I look forward to being with you during our last weeks together, through both the awfulness and the awesomeness of the story!

Easter Blessings,
Pastor Jerrie

Colchester Federated Church, Colchester, Connecticut